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It's Time - Now! ...It's Time for What?

Short Introduction


A dramatic Age in the world's future is coming Soon!

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How about you right at this minute! What would be your question about your life in this world?

Surely you have wondered? If you have or haven't, then these opening pages of this new web site, will introduce you to some life giving ideas – things we don't normally think about.

There are more things than you would realize that are mostly hidden from ordinary people. Learn just a little about these things; to wise yourself up just a little. So, flick a switch in your mind and open up to ideas outside the square. Here we go!

It's Time! ......for all people from all nations, religions, cultures and race, to know what needs to be known, for this time in world history. One fact is that people suffer more than they need, through a lack of knowledge and thus some fail to live fulfilling lives! The basic reasons for this are simple. The necessities for our physical lives are both generally inadequate in supply and unequal in distribution, for a significant proportion of the world's population. This one fact underlies many of the problems of life, and for the state of the world as it is, and why it is getting worse. So, in the light of this, here are some important things to consider and some suggestions for you - for the rest of your life. (This is written in such a way, as to be easy to understand for ordinary people, not those who live in ivory towers)

If that sounds too simplistic, here is some more detail

If you think about it, there are basically two extremes of economic people groups in the world, those that struggle to survive (The Have Nots) and those that strive to get more than they need (The Have's). The first group find it hard to survive, even at subsistence levels and the second group live mainly for themselves, not caring too much about anyone else. These two extremes of people groups merge into a central mass of people, sharing some common characteristics of both the extremes.

As you might imagine, there are other important factors that make life even harder (Details later). However, it is out of these strivings of the world's peoples to survive that come most of the disagreements and conflicts in the world. Every person and people group has a basic need to find a place in the world that satisfies them. This has always been so, but in the current state of the world, this has ushered in a greater level of deprivation and conflict, extremes of which have never been seen before on such a mass scale, even considering all of world history. It is for these reasons that the world is facing a crisis like never before.

But that's the way the world is. Will it always be that way!

Actually NO, it will not always be that way. Read on to see why. It is the aim of this web site to explain the reasons for what is happening in the world, for these things are known, or can be. We will also provide some guidance as to how life might be lived. It is not all doom and gloom, but you may be surprised at some of the possibilities in the context of the whole of life. This site, will provide information and guidance along some simple lines. What is provided on this site will not get lost in the idealistic dreams of the philosopher's. Rather we will express a practical based reality, even in the light of the huge changes to come in the near future.

So, for the whole world, and for individuals, it's time for what?

  1. It's time to ask some "why's" and "how's". How and why the world got into this mess – looking back to the guidance of history and looking ahead to future events and prospects that are known. This part will outline the conflict coming out of unequal distribution of resources, effects of climate, geography, politics, wars and the like.
  2. It's time to clearly outline the crises of life in the world. A brief summary of these crises in this world, affecting all its peoples, is clearly expressed.
  3. It's time to seek better useful knowledge and truth. Has mankind fully utilized all the knowledge at his disposal? Has there been vital information missed or ignored?
  4. It's time to recognize the real basis of life. The One who constituted the world, is the One who has been ignored. But God has a plan. We are in one stage of that plan right now. When you realize this you will no longer wonder why the world is in its sad state. You will then know the truth that needs to be known.
  5. It's time to accept there is much to learn. This outline will include, not only the things we need to know now, including the urgency of the matter at this point in time. What can you do as just one person?

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