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Welcome to It's Time Now! ...Time for What?

 To learn how to live now and about a dramatic Age in the world's future that is coming soon!  It really is!

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What's going on in the world?  What does it mean for ordinary people like us? We all know that the world is not as it should be and yet mostly we can't quite see why. On It'sTime-Now, all this is explained simply in language easily understood by ordinary people. It is not a highbrow philosophical site for egg-heads! It's a down to earth assessment of life and provides wisdom and truth once commonly known.

Don't you really think it's time to ask some serious question about life and the way the world is going? Questions like:

  • "Why is it harder for ordinary people to live these days, even when they work hard?"
  • "Why do most people seem to just accept their lot as though there is nothing they can do about it?"
  • "Why are political systems getting more and more unable to operate within their means?" Do Governments really have the answers?
  • "Why are more and more people malnourished, starving to death and fearful of life?"
  • "Why do many people seem to have lost their way in life, some almost beyond any hope?"

There are real answers to all these questions! (not to solve necessarily, but to understand - and YES there are things we can all do) It's just that the media and a busy life may have kept you out of the loop. Or, like many of us, you were just too tired to bother.

You will find things here that you have never heard, even though they are embedded in history and found in reliable predictions of the future.  Everyone needs to know!   (and also need to DO something!) Few of these truths ever appear in newspapers or on TV, eithe because they are not known there either, or do not see them as important, or are influenced to keep them hidden.   Read on to find out.

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