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A dramatic Age in the world's future is coming soon!

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It's time to ask some "why's" and "how's". How and why the world got into this mess – looking back to the guidance of history and looking ahead to future events and prospects that are known. This part will outline the conflict coming out of unequal distribution of resources, effects of climate, geography, politics, wars and the like. Go to the It's time to ask some "why's" and "how's" page.

It's time to clearly outline the crisis of life in the world. A brief summary of the crisis in this world, affecting all its peoples.

It's time to seek better useful knowledge and truth. Has mankind fully utilized all the knowledge at his disposal? Has there been vital information missing or ignored?

It's time to recognize the real basis of life The One who constituted the world, is the One who has been ignored. But God has a plan. We are in the second stage of that plan right now. When you realize this you will no longer wonder why the world is in its sad state. You will then know the truth that needs to be known.

It's time to accept there is much to learn This outline will include, not only the things we need to know now, including the urgency of the matter at this point in time. What can I do as just one person?

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Critical or urgent issues for everybody

How soon is all this going to happen?

Want to know more about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

More teaching about the Christian life (this is a major section of files, PDF, MP3 and Podcast)

10  The Last Words

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