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Fast Track to the Truth about Future Life in this world

(Things you may not have heard about before)


The whole site has been designed to present the truth about life and the future of the world.

After you have read this Fast Track introduction, all the details are provided 


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 The background to all this (points 1-9)

1  All the things mentioned here are discussed fully over the site. There is no excuse for not knowing!

2  Most people recognise that the world is in a crisis in just about every aspect of life - and the end of the Age, not the end of the world, is going to bring about huge changes, never seen before.

3 You may not know any of what you are now going to read, but it has been known for many years, in writings done between 600 B.C. to 90 A.D.

4 These writings indicate that mankind, thinking he was wise, has seriously harmed the original creation, almost to the point of destroying its functionality

5 Yes, God did create the world, and despite man's interference and destructive habits, God is still sovereign over all. God knows about the coming changes and has been overseeing the changes in ways man does not appreciate or understand. However, God has fully explained everything in His Word, the Holy Bible. It is available for everyone and is still the world's best selling book.

6 The first coming of Christ in 4 B.C. was to prepare the way for His Second Coming some time soon - to restore God's rule over the earth. Many of the signs of the Second Coming of Christ are there right now, with few left to occur. Of the 737 predictions in the Bible of what would happen over the course of man's history, only about 18 are yet to happen. And happen they will!

7 Not many people know these things. The apparent harsh realities to come need to be know by all, so that all can Be Aware and Be Ready.

8 Underneath it all, you will find God's love and a plan for our world and its peoples that He has had for thousands of years.

9 Most of what you need to know is on this site


 Here's the first part of the sequence of events (points 10-22)

(This Fast Track information is being written in early November of the year 2011)

10   (Here's the whole story in one paragraph) You will have heard of Armageddon. It is a battle that takes place after Christ returns to earth, after 7 years of extreme tribulation on earth. It is followed after by a 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth - Called the Millennial period. At the end of that period of 1000 years of peace on earth, a new heavens and earth will be provided by God. Some people will go to heaven - some will not.

11 Right now there is chaos in the world, whether it be in the form of a never ending financial crises, moral degradation, terrorism, inadequate food supplies to an exploding population, political unrest with associated wars, an apparent issue in climate change, with fear and distrust apparent at all levels of society. The world is a mess.

12 Most people think the world will go on forever. Jesus said that it will not - not like this.

13 God knew this would happen and has a plan to respond to it - right now, He is doing so. We need to know and listen. Whether we realize it or not, our world is going to go through a period of tribulation like never ever seen before - nor after.

14 The wonder of all this is that most people don't know and have never heard of these things. If you are one of those, then LISTEN UP! The outcomes for you and your family depend on what you do with all this. (you can check out all we say in the Bible - eventually)

15 Right now (and continuing more and more) there are evil forces in the world that are working to bring about their own selfish aims of world domination - and these aims are in direct contrast to the plans God has. Eventually, after the Battle of Armageddon all these evil forces will be defeated and brought to death. This is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. (whether or not you know or accept this right now)

16 If you think things are bad in the world right now, then we can assure you they are going to get a lot worse - all as preparation for the coming of both a False Christ and the real Jesus Christ. Eventually, due to the hopelessness of the world, there will arise a powerful man, which the Bible calls the Antichrist and he will convince the whole world that he has all the answers. They will be deceived by him.

17 This same Antichrist, has been working behind the scenes to bring the world down to where he wants it to be - because he believes he is powerful enough to rule the world and dominate it. No National Governments or United Nations will be able to stop him, but in fact will endorse him. He will deceive the whole world.

18 One of the aims of the Antichrist is to reduce the population of the world to a small percentage of its present size. The Antichrist forces will have no respect for human life. He will make all other world dictators look like benevolent friends. God, knowing all this, has set in motion His own answer to these things and He has the power to defeat all-comers.

19 When the Antichrist takes control over the world (by deception) the world's peoples will welcome him. This "honeymoon" period will last for 1260 days of 3.5 (Jewish) years - exactly. We know that from the Holy Scriptures. (That 3.5 years is exactly half of the 7 years of tribulation that will occur before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ)

20 At the midpoint of that 7 years, the true face of the intentions of the Antichrist will be seen by the whole world when he now declares himself to be god - and that he will rule the whole world by force.

21 His evil desires will express themselves in him instituting rules to live, which include putting a mark (it will be an electronic mark - already tested) on the right hand or forehead of every person in the world. Without this mark, NO ONE will be able to purchase any food or service anywhere in the world. He will kill those who do not comply. You will see later that anyone who takes this mark will not be able to enter heaven.

22 The Antichrist will have an accomplice called the False Prophet (666) who will have organized the world wide church. It will be a false church, oblivious to the real God and real Jesus Christ. That will not be difficult for the False Prophet as much of the present day church is lukewarm to the words of Christ. More deception!


 What God does about all this (points 23 - 33)

24 When Jesus came to the earth the first time, He came to teach the world and eventually in A.D 29 to die, rise again, go back to heaven to be reconciled with His Father. His purpose in coming was to die for the sins of the world, so that He could make salvation and eternal life available to everyone. Many do not know that. All anyone has to do is to recognize Christ for who He is, confess their sins, repent of them - and be restored to relationship with God, through Jesus. The web site fully explains all that.

25 God knows the end from the beginning. He knew that evil people would try to con the world into not to recognizing Christ for Who He was and is - The Saviour of the World.

26 So God will allow the Antichrist and False Prophet to establish themselves, but at the same time, has offered a way out of the mess through the life of His Son Jesus. The efforts of the Antichrist to fool the world will be no surprise to God.

27 As far as the rest of mankind is concerned God has offered His Son as a sacrifice, so that all men and women may be saved - from their sin - into eternal life.

28 Those that have been saved from their sin will be taken off the earth in a split second, to meet Jesus Christ in an event called the Rapture. That freaks you out a bit? Well it has happened before to Enoch, Elijah, Jesus himself and even the Apostle Paul (who went to heaven in spirit form - and returned) God has the power to raise all the believing dead from their graves and also send all those who are alive at the time to heaven.

29 When will this Rapture happen? The truth is that we do not know, despite many claims to the contrary. It will be at a time of God's choosing, just before or just after the beginning of the 7 years of tribulation - or even later. NO ONE really knows exactly when.

30 What do we all have to do? Understand and accept all this biblical truth - and be ready. This web site provides most information you need. How does anyone get ready? By confession and repentance of sin - full details are on the site.

31 What happens to those that are not raptured off the earth? The Bible says that more than hald will die - and never get to know Jesus Christ and go into the Millennium and heaven later

32 Life will be hell on earth for a few years until Jesus comes. First, the Antichrist will hound them and kill many. Second, because those still on earth have not been inclined to know Christ, God's judgements, which will rain down upon the earth will have them suffer in incredible ways. The Book of Revelation tells of these. You might say that this is unfair. Well, consider this. God is a God of justice and love. God has offered sinners the life of His son for their redemption. Having refused that redemption He offered, they must be subject to God's wrath as God cannot be God and still have evil and unsaved people associated with Him. But those who know God escape His wrath.

33 Jesus said many important things - here are two of them.

"I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly" (John 10:10)

"And this is the will of Him who sent Me, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day.” (John 6:40)

That includes YOU and ME !

That's the story - the facts. So go check out the whole site, starting with the Links Page. All 10 parts of the site tell a part of the story. Check out the FAQ sometime.

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