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FAQ - You have some questions about life?   Get them answered here

F.A.Q.  Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions that are asked when such astounding information is read for the first time. The answers are brief and are mostly found somewhere on this site. 

Q1 How come I don't know all these things?! Why hasn't someone told me?

Don't berate yourself for not knowing. Many if not most do not know, mostly because their forebears either did not know either or did not pass the teaching on to you. Moreover, the media tends to hide or misrepresent information which upholds the role of Jesus Christ in this world. Just thank God that you now know what you know!

Q2 Do you expect me to believe that the world is going to suddenly stop? It has been going on for thousands of years. What is going on here?

Don't believe us, but you need to take notice of what God says in the Bible. Even at the beginning of time, God knew these things would begin to happen at the time of His appointment. God has intervened in history many times - Noah's flood over the whole earth, dispersion of all races at the Tower of Babel, the birth of Jesus. And now, this is perhaps His greatest intervention - the ending of the age and a new beginning. 

Q3 I only believe in what I can see. Why should I believe in such speculation.

Despite what you think you see, the world is based on spiritual things. God achieves everything through His Spirit - creation is one prime example. So if you are to understand what is going on in the world,you need the Spirit of God in order to do so. Seeing through the eyes of the Spirit of God is far more important than natural sight.

Q4 All these things you say God is going to do!! I do not believe God would hurt human beings so much - He is supposed to be a God of love.

God has given mankind thousands of years to learn about Him and His ways. The Bible says that His creation is evidence of His presence and interest in the earth and its peoples. However, He is a just God and will reward righteous behaviour and will punish wrong behaviour. We need to know Him, otherwise we cannot have future participation in His Kingdom, which will be holy in every respect.

Q5 How would governments of the world ever run out of money? That's ridiculous!

Basically because mankind is greedy, leading to corruption. The 2008 money crisis demonstrated that. When men run their lives and world on godly principle, things work. Obviously the bulk of mankind has not done that. God tells of a economic crash in the book of Revelation.

Q6. The way our climate is going, we won't be able to survive. It will be so hot, hell will be on earth.

Yes, things may get difficult, but remember it is God who is at the back of everything, working out His agenda for the world. And because mankind has abused the resourcesof the world, (which God knew before time) God is bringing His plans into being for a new age beyond what we know.

Q7. What right has God (even if He exists) to dictate to us as to what we should be doing?

Of course, God does exist. He even came to earth as Jesus Christ a well known historical fact. We need to remember thatit is God's world. He created it and sustains it by His power. So as He is in charge of all things, He has every right to do anything He wants. It should be a comfort to us.

Q8. When I die I die - and get buried. That's what really happens. Talking about afterlife is a fairytale.

Yes, when you die you get buried or cremated. However, that only deals with the body and not spirit or soul. Our soul is eternal and at death, either goes to be with God, or to the judgement of God.

Q9. One World Government?? That's crazy talk. Every country is sovereign over there own land and people.

As has been taught in Soon! (because it is taught in the Bible) One World Government is going to occur and be controlled by a ruthless dictator known as the Antichrist. If you know where to look, signs of this are everywhere, some of which has been written about in Soon!

Q10. If God is really God and so powerful, why would He let this world get so out of control?

God gave us a perfect world. Man ruined it because we did not follow God and His ways. It is not God's fault, but ours. Man sinned so badly by 2319 B.C. that God sent a flood over the whole of the earth which destroyed all people except Noah's family. All men have come from that one family. In recent centuries man has again sinned so badly that the earth is shaking from it all and God is now bringing on His agenda to fix it all.

Q11. I am a good person and have only done good all my life. Why would God want to leave me out of heaven and punish me?

There is only one requirement to get to heaven. It is to seek Him and His wisdom to the point where we can see our sinful ways and our unbelief in God and confess our sin and undertake not to continue in wrong ways. In one sense, unbelief is the only sin. Only one is good Jesus said and that is God the Father. Good people do not go to heaven unless they have received the salvation of God by the Spirit of God.

Q12. Why are you so sure that Christianity has all the answers?

First, we are not comparing Christianity with any religion. Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to earth, taught and died for the sins of the world. Not only that, but Jesus rose from the dead and went back to heaven to build an eternal home for His people. The Christian faith has a Bible written by men, under the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. It tells us what Jesus Christ has done and what He is going to do in the future.

Q13 But I have my career to think of and what about my families ambitions in life. My daughter has a great professional life ahead of her. And what about the safety of my family?

It is personally upsetting to almost everyone, but at the same time, knowledge of His coming provides an opportunity for everyone to believe in His truth and get themselves right with God....forevermore. In the fullness of time, God sent His Son Jesus Christ, that He might redeem those who were under the law (everyone) that we might receive the adoption as sons (become believers and go to heaven). Nothing else is as important as this. God has chosen a time soon, to intervene again in world affairs.

Other Q and A may be added as time passes 

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