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Want to know more about the Christian Life?

Although the main purpose of this site is to alert people to the times we live in and that each person needs to consider their own response to these things, their is also provided much teaching about the Christian faith.   This is provided in terms of the in-depth realities and wonders of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.   The Gospel have an incredible truth contained in it that is not always found on website, or in fact in many churches.

Some of the material in this section of the site has been online for years on another site (recording high hit rates) operated by a small group of believers who know the Gospel at its depths and have been learning to live according to it for some years.  We are never complete but are certainly on the right road.   Many mature believers have helped us on a Christian walk and because we are keen to share the experience of our lives and from scripture, we do all we can to present it in a way that may be more easily understood.

In this section you will find a mixture of ordinary web file, PDF files, audio MP3 files, a section using slides and even a Podcast area.

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