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A dramatic Age in the world's future is coming soon!

In a Nutshell "Man's messy world will only be fixed when God's plan is fully implemented. The signs are already there that God's work is being done. Our job is to take notice - and be ready."


 So what is this plan of God’s you write about?

God’s first step was to arrange for the birth, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ almost 2000 years ago, which brought about the basis of redeeming the earth and its peoples.

His second stage has been proceeding since then. This second stage has been to allow all people on the earth, time to either recognise God for Who He is, or if not, until they realize they cannot manage on their own. Until they do realize this they face an impossible task. They need to acknowledge God for Who He is, and submit to Him and await the next steps in His plan. This is what many of us are right now in 2011.

And know that God is very wise. He has arranged things so that “getting to know Him” (indicating our need of Him) can be done on an individual and quite personal basis. No friend or enemy, spouse, King, tyrant or dictator, or any other member of the human race can prevent this relationship. Any man, woman or child who wishes to make this connection, may do so. (details follow later).

Over all of history, as people have made that connection with God, He has arranged for both their lives and even their deaths in such a way as to restore them to Himself, in His way, in His time. This will also take place in the future during the period of time when catastrophic world events come. They will be nothing like the world has ever seen before or ever will see again. (more about those later).

NOW is the time to consider these things, for God can, at any moment, press the button as it were, to begin the sequence of events that will usher in His changes on earth. These changes will affect the whole physical world and all people, whether they are alive or dead at the time. So BE AWARE of these things and BE READY! (As you read on, we will provide all the detail you need to know)

 So, from what I read, the world will not always be in this current mess?

That’s true, but it will be for a time. God has a purpose in allowing it to be the way it is. But eventually, when God begins to implement the next stage of His plan, things will change dramatically and without warning. God does have a plan to change EVERYTHING and no man, however powerful he may think he is, can interfere with God’s plan. These plans have been established since the beginning of time and is all written down in the Bible, the Word of God. Although many people know these things, many do not, and these writings are intended to make it possible for ALL MEN TO KNOW, to kindle their interest and desire to find out more.

We may ask, WHY, if God had another plan in waiting, why did He allow things to go so far wrong? 

The answer is this. God gave mankind a free will, to allow Him to choose how he wanted to live. Many times during world history some of mankind have decided to live God’s way and others have either not known God’s way, or if they have known, have decided to ignore Him. Even some of those who knew God’s way of truth and love, have not been able to live their lives His way, allowing doubt, disobedience or persecution to deter them. Many have died because of their belief in God, when unbelieving tyrannical men have removed or imprisoned them, as a way of sustaining their power and prestige through political, financial and other social systems at their disposal.

Over history various people groups have shown the full range of responses to God. It is more particularly so in the last 2000 years, as God’s message has been taken around the world. Mankind has resisted the very message that would have brought their lives back into the order that would not only make every perfect desire possible for them, but would also have brought peace to the whole world. It is possible, even now, for brothers to love brother, nations to care for other nations and race to love other race. But for most, that is impossible right now, due to the nature of man. God’s plan will bring about all the right desires in the not-too-distant future.

Do we know when all this will happen

No, we do not know in an absolute sense when the culmination of these things will be. As you can see from the world, some of it happening right not – and the signs that can be seen indicate that we all need to be ready.

God, as part of His plan, has permitted evil to have a limited reign in this world. His purpose in all of this is to allow time to pass for every aspect of His plan to be in place and for every person to hear about and know His plan, giving them all the opportunity to choose to become involved in the answer to life, rather than continuing to be a part of the problem, thus never knowing the incredible blessings of God, that includes the greatest gift of God – to receive eternal life – and to live forever, initially for a thousand years on earth and then later in heaven.