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Trouble in world finances, immorality, civil disobedience, less oil - Godly control to come

The crises lays in the the physical and financial worlds, along with the apparent impossibility of food for the exploding population. As these occur, the way the world works in many other ways will also begin to falter. God has known that all along. His own plans to rescue the world after it falters and fails, and will usher in a new age altogether.

Here is a brief summary of the areas of life in the world that will also falter, some of them as originating issues in themselves, but most others as a consequence of the physical world running down, financial world faltering and food supplies and its distribution being inadequate.

But first, visualize the known periods until Jesus calls a halt to the end of this present age on earth, in three different periods.

● The present time - i.e. 2009 up until the beginning of the tribulation period, whether that be three, thirteen or 30 years. As in the present time, this period will see first gradual and then dramatic worsening of most aspects of life on earth.

● The first half of the tribulation period, when there will be a false peace on the earth. The period is known to be 1260 days, or 3.5 Jewish years of 360 days. This will be a period on earth of a false peace because the world will be deceived by the Antichrist, who will represent himself as Christ. We know these things from scripture. Details are given elsewhere in this presentation.

● The last half of the tribulation period when the Antichrist will reign over the earth until dealt with by Jesus Christ at the Battle of Armageddon. This period is also known to be 1260 days. This period will be like hell on earth, where not only will the Antichrist bring terror to the earth, but God's judgements will come upon the earth. Again, details are given elsewhere.

So then, with that in mind, here are some more earth events that will begin to come or continue at some point in these three periods.

Some useful additional links are included with this writing, to authenticate what has been written. We suggest you read the whole content of It's Time - Now and come back to these detailed links later.

1 Increasing expression of evil in the world

Apart from some Biblical predictions about which some people may not be aware, we need to present you, the reader, with the evidence of increasing evil in this world. Our daily media services are full of news of evil acts locally and around the world.

Since the first murder on earth, that of Cain killing Abel, evil has never ceased. Many remember the 20th century large scale examples of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Edi Amin, Saddam Hussein, all of whom murdered millions. Movements such as racism around the world and the Klu Klux Klan in USA have each demonstrated their particular forms of evil. Events such as the Bali bombing, Lockerbie Air Crash, Terrorism and 911 over the last years demonstrate absolute inhumanity to man and typifies the exact nature of modern evil, which is instantaneously embracing more people in one single act. It is an increasingly frightening world we live in.

In his book "What in the world is going on" Dr David Jeremiah reminds us of the profound statement by President Bush in January 2002, when his considered opinion of evil in the world was represented by An Axis of Evil, identifying Iran, Iraq and North Korea as most likely to upset the peace of the world. Later, John Bolton US Ambassador added three other rogue states to this list, those of Libya, Syria and Cuba.

But the evil to come is far greater. It's underpinning is in preparation right now for the evil that will come upon the world in the tribulation period told of in scripture. This will be when one man rules the world. This man, known as the Antichrist will aggressively live up to his terrible name. He will be Satan's superman, who persecutes, tortures and kills people of God and leads armies into the world's climactic battle of Armageddon. (where Jesus Christ defeats him). The evil of the world will not cease until Christ returns.

Fortunately God has control over the progression of this evil even though that may be hard to believe. As God brings the age to a close for a new beginning, He has provided a way of escape for any who believe. Thank God! Details of these things are found elsewhere in the study. We don't suggest you read more of the evil but focus on what Jesus Christ says and prepare for His coming, which will be at a secret time only known by God. However, some details of this evil is explained further at

2 Lack of crude oil resources and competition for them

Dr David Jeremiah in his book What in the world is going on? makes these points in Chapter 2 about oil production, usage and supply.

● The world is using 86 million barrels per day, which will rise to 98 million by 2015.

● Oil is the new gold to the world economy and future middle east events will centre around oil.

● U.S.A., the world's biggest consumer of oil, its demand outstripping its ability to produce.

● America needs to import oil, as its demand has outstripped its production. It is only number 11 producer.

● But most of the big producers of oil are not best friends with America, particularly Arab states and Venezuela.

● They also compete with Russia, Japan and China the next biggest consumers.

● The price of oil varies according to current conflicts, embargos and wars such as the Gulf wars.

● President Carter once said that they would use military means against any who interrupted their oil supplies.

● America has to compete with Russia, Japan and China for oil supplies and associated tensions.

● The world in 2005 used more oil than was eventually produced the following year of 2006.

● Energy use cannot exceed production forever.

● As if oil supplies are not enough to cause tensions and price hikes, then wars will.

● We know from Bible prophecy that Russia will at some point in time attack Israel with armed forces.

● Just as wars and terrorism affect both price and supply of oil, so will this war when it occurs.

Are we running out of oil? at writes oil based economy such as ours doesn't need to deplete its entire reserve of oil before it begins to collapse.

So oil may well contribute, along with the remainder of these factors, to a deepening world crisis.

3 Increasing personal, civil and political violence, threatening personal safety

Again, we do not need to produce masses of statistics to make this point. Increasing evil in just so many forms confronts us more and more on a daily basis. As we reach these later times in the three stage sequence we mention above, the expression of evil will be even more commonplace. Let's take Australia as a good example of the changes and increases in the expression of evil. Australia is considered a safe country to live and that is certainly so. We have stable government, sound systems of law and order and an economy, whilst far from perfect, provides work and the staples of life to most. However, despite the police doing an excellent job, we find increasing lawlessness in the forms of drugs being available on many street corners, muggings of people in shopping areas in daylight. Only a few years ago, Melbourne was (and still mostly is) one of the world's most liveable cities, but in the last couple of years, there have been murders outside of nightclubs and other city streets. Even travelling on suburban trains one now has to be careful. Even car-jacking at traffic light stops are occurring more often, as is what is called road rage. Personal safety is indeed threatened more now than ever. Australia, despite its relative stability, has also been subject to political violence, where leaders have been attacked. So these are just some examples. But consider what we see on the nightly news about what occurs in other countries around the world. As the other relative stabilities of life, like climate, financial systems and food availability and prices make life more difficult, violence will increase as it has done in other countries.

4 More authoritarian controls

It is a natural tendency in society that when things get out of control, or seem to be, relevant authorities inevitably bring in more and more controls to stabilize whatever is getting out of control. As people break laws, as swindlers take advantage of the gullible, as organizations step out of line, as retail monopolies force others out of business, those who have the responsibility for the society, bring in more and more rules to control those wrongdoers. As we get short of water, as we use too much electricity on high use days, as we get more congested transport networks, and as food shortages around the world require rationing, we get more rules and control over our lives. All these we see as inevitable and we have already seen many of these operate in stressful times.

At the big end of Government in world affairs, Governments will impose more and more power over the people, and even over other governments. Just to quote one example out of the many available, the EU is increasing controls over one of their own related committees (ICANN). The answer that committee has given is that extra controls are not the answer. It never is. Another example in a different arena. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) condemns the government's move to use state power to prosecute and punish certain kind of messaging through cellular phone networks and content on the websites and calls upon the government to withdraw such measures and desist from introducing any law to this effect.

Controls and more controls. More power to authorities and less to common people. That has been the formulae for many a bloody revolution. The 2008 World Financial Crisis brought more control to the American Government. As bank after bank failed, the USA government used the public purse to take over their debts and in so doing, in at least some cases, became shareholder in many of those banks. Not only that, but they imposed more controls over the operations of that bank.

However, there is and will be more pervasive control of the institutions in society as the State assumes more and more responsibility for our lives. Institutions that were once considered to be under God's control are becoming more and more under the control of the State. The State in many countries (eg Australia) now takes responsibility and has significant control over the family, the community, the way in which labour is organized and the welfare of its citizens. The more responsibility they have in these normal areas if life, the more influence and control they have. This is very largely why the influence of the Creator God is being removed from society and as it is removed (or God is considered dead or not relevant) society fails more and more.

Looking at this issue in simple terms, consider this. As the world finds its resources diminishing and if climate change continues as it is going, as food resources and effective distribution decreases and as the world's financial systems falter or fail, more and more controls will be introduced in many sectors of society. Ordinary people will lose more and more options in life.

● Interferences to overseas and local trade

Remember here that we are not talking about difficulties in normal overseas trade, which in normal times works remarkably well. Businessmen and governments get around innumerable problems to make it all work. What we are talking about here is the interferences to overseas and local trade that will come about in these three time periods. In the time we are now in, which is the period up to the beginning of the tribulation period, or Jesus Christ returning to this earth, whichever comes first (probably the former) things will go on much as usual, despite the world financial crisis and all of its effects. Currency levels will fluctuate, even wildly, new markets will appear, some markets will slow down and there will be the usual scuffles on prices between competing countries. But we will not notice much difference from what we see now, if we were interested to notice.

Once the second stage begins, when the Antichrist will appear like Jesus Christ to the world, we cannot tell how the world will be affected. It will of course be a time of false peace, because the real intentions of the Antichrist will not be yet known by the masses of the world. So it could be that because of this peace that world trade and perhaps local trade might be quite stable, even boom. But it will all be the quiet before the storm. When the second half of the tribulation begins, another period of three and a half years, from this point in time, the world will never be the same again. Overseas and local trade will eventually cease to be, because the world will be running on a completely different system. For the first time in world history there will be a world dictator. Suffering will be hard to avoid, as will death. Those peoples of the world still remaining will welcome the coming of Jesus Christ and His defeating of the Antichrist at the Battle of Armageddon.

What do you do in the meantime? Work as you usually do, but give priority to one thing only. That is of course to realize what the plans of God are for this incredible time in history and get to know Jesus Christ that He might be merciful to you and help you escape the worst of the coming night.

5 Interferences to agriculture, manufacturing, services and personal finances, particularly due to unstable financial systems

As a consequence of climate change and of instability in financial markets, particularly as we move nearer, or into the tribulation period on earth, normal trade in agriculture, manufacturing and personal services will show signs of not being able to perform as before. Everything will be affected and affect what goes on in the world. Business needs a strong secure banking system and that is simply not now present in the world since the 2008 crash. Small business will find it increasingly difficult to operate without an efficient world wide banking system. Even slight wobbles will affect the ability of the world to trade as normal, let alone trying to expand, especially in the continued threat of another crash. Furthermore, if businesses and trade cannot operate normally, individual households will be undersupplied in their needs, food and fuel being two main requirements to sustain life and business. In the worst scenario, banks may not have money to provide. Local bartering will flourish. As the world enters the time of tribulation when one man will control the world, systems will come into place that will cause normal business to run right down to nothing. Can you imagine life without what we normally take for granted?

God is fully aware of all this. Of that we can be certain. His plan for the second coming of Jesus Christ into the world, will be to save those peoples who put their trust in Him, deal with the forces of evil and usher in a new age after the Battle of Armageddon.

6 Lowering of moral values and search for instant gratification leading to fragmentation and social unrest in life

The rapid lowering of moral values, particularly since the 1960's has been particularly evident to some, but to others has barely been noticed, sometimes because they view life as it presents itself as quite normal. They don't see that they are looking through glasses darkened by their own lack of knowledge, even disillusionment of how life could and should be. The church in the world has not been very adept at "selling" the wonderful legacy of the gospel of Jesus Christ, particularly in western countries, where health, happiness and a good time, has clouded the minds of many. America for example, which was founded on Godly principles, is now as a whole country so far away from God, many do not know what true life should be. God's ten commandments, given to Moses in 1462 B.C. are now banned from public places and especially courthouses where they used to have pride of place.

What do people do now that they did not do in the 1960's? Probably nothing. However, the degree and intensity of these immoral and evil acts have increased dramatically. Illicit sex, promiscuity, pornography, drug use, lying, cheating, robbery, bashings, murders and all the other forms of immoral and evil behaviour have been a part of all time eras of life in this world. We can remember the temptations and observances of our youth. However, all of those and more are now dramatically imprinted on the psyche of our society. Instant gratification reigns and is killing society as we know it. Rapes, molestation, murder, and a whole range of similar immoral behaviours are now so commonplace in our society that many of us have become desensitized to such a degree that some find it hard to distinguish good from evil. Think about that....

All of these immoral behaviours fragment the main building block of our society, the family. Divorce, separation and custody battles leave our children in single parent families, and those in turn tend to perpetuate the fragmentation and leave in their wake every form of social unrest.

7 Conspiracy or care?

The world, and USA in particular is full of conspiracy theories, with many way out ideas that seems to be performed behind hidden motives. Some of these turn out to be wild stories, or fakes. However, there is one issue, particularly in USA, as we write in October of 2009 that has caused great concern amongst many Americans. It is the issue of attempts by government and other authorities to perform mass vaccination for H1N1 swine flu. Many people have already been vaccinated and some have died, not from the flue but from the vaccine. At this time, there is the beginning of great social unrest in USA particularly in States such as Massachusetts, who are considering a law to force citizens to have the shot.

So is this a conspiracy against the people or is it care of the populace being overdone?

We cannot decide this for you, but notice that there is considerable suggestion on many overseas links; of harmful intent against the people. Some of these are saying that all this that is going on are attempts by The New World Order, as it is called to control and even to reduce the level of population. There are also doctors who, knowing the medical position with swine flu, (which they say is mild with there is little cause for concern from the flu itself) believe there is great concern from the vaccine itself. Such suggestions have left people gasping, particularly at the suggestions that governments are forcing this vaccination on the people, especially when compared with previous outbreaks of this flu.

We do not know what is true and what isn't.

This issue is dominating U Tube and other internet links. We have provided some of these for you, for you to look at for yourselves.

● Is swine flu vaccine population control?

An expert medical doctor speaks on the subject.

● The flu vaccine can cause death.

● Flu vaccine - residents to have forced vaccination.

● What to do if your are forced to take swine flu injection - This is a highly regarded medico, Dr Russell Blaylock who tells the full story very well in 4 videos of 9 minutes

● Information about intentions of population control.

● New World Order and population control.

If you happen to think there is evil intent behind all this, you may well be correct. This is why we have included this segment as a possible conspiracy that could in fact be true. If this does have evil intent, then it is easy to connect it with other forms of evil that is fast overtaking the planet. It is of great comfort that Jesus Christ is to return soon. So we can wait in hope.

8 Life becomes more and more outside of personal control

Can you imagine life in the world having all these characteristics? For us, it is too much of a shock to process, even in the imagination. Probably for you too. Just consider the main characteristics again. On top of the possibility of continuing climate change, instability of the world's financial system, low and further threatened resources such as oil and food, increasing visible evil in the world, along with instability in world trade, accelerating degradation of morals and even some apparent conspiracies that could turn out to be real.

The world could not function like this could it? It is because of these emerging dark characteristics in this world, that we see the very likely link with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this world. As we have shown you in this presentation, Jesus himself linked such events to the time of His coming. So do we. We hope you will also, as it leads to the only possible answer - Jesus Christ, the Creator and coming ruler of this world.